A lot of you have been asking questions as to what happened to grandkanye/me and tbh all of you deserve answers, so here it is. It’s true that i did catfish and i sincerely apologize to lynne, sara, the friends ive made via networks, and to all of my followers. I know what i did was wrong and i feel absolutely horrible for it. i deleted and ran off like the sissy i was without saying anything because i was overwhelmed with a few people finding out the truth. i had people answering things for me and it was unfair to them. honestly, i have thought of stopping what i did before my 21st birthday, however, my follower count and the connection with the pizza lovers network stopped me. i really did care for each and every one of you, no matter if we talked or not.

it first started when i made a fake facebook profile because i had low self-esteem when i was in high school. i thought i looked ugly and weird, and i wanted approval from everyone. i wanted to make myself feel better, which was very superficial and stupid of me. i was also confused with my sexuality, and coming from a really religious/traditional/judgmental family, i felt that i couldn’t talk to anyone so i confided in the internet to verify it. the whole catfishing didnt start till november of 2012 when i started gaining followers after joining the network. i didnt know it was going to get big. i didnt know i had to lie after lie after lie. i never meant to hurt anyone. 

even though i lied about who i was, there was truth behind everything and i thank the people who identify with that and still stuck in being my friend.

i understand the anger and hatred towards me because i did make friendships under false pretenses. i tricked people and i took advantage of that. i understand the feelings being justified. i sincerely apologize for all the lies and pain i have caused. i will not be returning to tumblr because im unwelcome, also i will be focusing in school and the real world.